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Our education sponsorship and scholarship program caters for students from primary school right through to vocational training, college or university for school leavers.



Donations to our medical fund are used to provide medical treatment for those otherwise unable to afford it. It is also possible to sponsor the medical treatment for people with long term conditions such as sickle cell, epilepsy, diabetes etc



Donations to our rice fund are used to provide rice to families and groups who are struggling in times of crisis and difficulty.


£25 will pay for a 25kg bag of rice and delivery

£40 will pay for a 50kg bag of rice and delivery

Reading Groups


To help improve the level of reading among our students and to foster in them a love of reading we are running ongoing reading groups. Donations of suitable children’s and teenage books are always welcome

Spoken English 


We hold sessions with our students to help them improve their spoken English

Sexual Health 


We run sessions with young adults providing information and advice about relationships and sexual heath. In partnerships with local medical health professionals we also provide testing and treatment for STI’s where necessary.

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